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A couple times throughout the month we’ll open up the floor to PRO members for questions on anything and everything accounting. This is your opportunity to chat directly with our head trainer, Caleb Ho, and ask him any questions you have. There’s nothing we won’t cover. From questions on accounting as a career, to exam revision techniques and address challenges to specific topics to detailed walk through of a difficult question, we’re an open book for you. And, if we don’t know the answer we’ll be sure to find out and get back to you shortly after.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Looking for previous consultation recordings? Just click on the “Playlist” button in the top left corner of the video screen (when on mobile) or you can easily scroll through and watch all the previous sessions we’ve done. Each time we do a live event we’ll add the recording to this page the next day in case you missed it or couldn’t attend.


Select your appointment with Caleb during consultation hours. Availability is on first-come-first serve basis.