2020 USS 3N POA EOY P1 Q4

4 The following transactions were extracted from the books of Orion Trading.

1. Owner contributed $5 000 cash into the business bank account.

2. Paid $1 800 utilities expenses by cheque

3. Returned damaged goods costing $400, bought previously on credit.

4. Owner paid $6 000 for his family holiday expenses using a business cheque.

5. Receive $200 commission income in cash.

6. Owner issued a personal cheque $5 000 to settle part of a business bank loan.

Complete the table below by showing the effects of each of the above transactions on the accounting equation.


The first one has been done as an example for you.


Effects on






+ $5 000 Cash at bank

No effect

+ $5 000 Capital











[TOTAL 10]